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Q&A with experts about bashing

Heyy everyone! From the title, you can see that we are going to talk about  BASH.  Yesss, we are going to discuss whether you really need to learn bash or not?  Let me first introduce myself, I am Pranav Choudhary, a 10th grader from Haryana(India). I like to do geo and combo the most :PP. Oki so let's begin! For those of you who don't know what bashing is, lemme give you a brief introduction first. Bashing is basically a technique used to solve Geometry Problems. In general, when you try a geo problem you might think of angles, similarities, and some other techniques (e.g. Inversion, spiral similarity etc). All of which are called synthetic geometry. But sometimes people use various other techniques called "bash" to solve the same problems.  Now there are different kinds of bashing techniques, e.g. - Coordinate bash, Trig Bash, Complex bash, Barycentric Coordinates. Let me give you a brief introduction to each of them.  Coordinate Bash : You set one point as the orig

How to start with Math olympiads

Hi fellow people and cats :D.. Welcome to the first blogpost of the OMC blog. The Online Math Club is an initiative to reach high school students interested in math and give them a platform to learn more and interact with others! By the way, I am Sunaina and you will be reading my thoughts :P I hope you all are doing well and are enjoying math! You probably guessed what type of content today's post will have! So without further ado, lemme begin. We all remember the first time we heard about the term "Olympiad math" ( Let's not consider competitions like SOF, simply consider HBCSE's Olympiads, USA(J)MO or the equivalents in other countries). What were your reactions? Lemme share my reactions when I heard about them for the first time, " WHAT?!!? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GIVE THE SAME EXAM AN 11th GRADE KID IS GIVING." (I found out about olys in grade 8 btw, but started seriously preparing in grade 9 :P) Haha anyways do comment what your first thoughts were! S